Numbers: Body Shop Owners See Positive Sales Trends

April 28, 2022

According to the 2022 FenderBender Industry Survey, shop owners have a positive outlook when it comes to sales trends in the next five years.

Are body shop owners seeing an upward trend in sales, and if so do they expect that trend to continue? The 2022 FenderBender Industry Survey answered some of those questions, with an overwhelming number of respondents (67 percent) saying they’ve seen sales growth in the past five years, and an even larger number (72 percent) expect that trend to continue into the future. Shop owners are clearly more bullish about future sales trends than they were in 2021’s survey, where only 60 percent of respondents expected an increase in sales in the next five years.

How have your total annual sales trended during the last five years?

Grown - 67 percent

Remained Flat - 13 percent

Declined - 8 percent

Inconsistent - 11 percent

How do you expect your sales to trend in the next five years?

Grow - 72.5 percent

Stay the same - 11 percent

Decline - 2.5 percent

Uncertain - 14 percent