AF Collision becomes first Utah shop to join 1Collision

Jan. 4, 2023
1Collision is pleased to announce the addition of AF Collision in American Fork, Utah, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

1Collision has added AF Collision in American Fork, Utah, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The business is owned by Travis Olson.

“We are delighted to be adding our first Utah shop to support our Utah customer base,” said John Hollingsworth, 1Collision director of new location development. “Travis and his team at AF Collision already operate on a high level but were looking for something to help them reach the next plateau of growth. We are excited to start supporting their team with their goals.”         

“I am looking forward to having a team and a network like 1Collision to help me refine my processes and 'sharpen my blade,'" said Olson. “Sometimes in this industry, you feel like you can never get a straight answer from anyone, and I feel that with 1Collision, I will have a plethora of resources to pull from.”        

Established by Ken Murdoch in 1992, AF Collision was purchased by Olson in December 2020. The 5,000-square-foot facility sits on approximately one acre of land.

“For a long time, people told me that I should have my own shop, but I always said that I didn’t want a shop,” said Olson. “As time passed and I learned more about the business, I started to think I wanted to try my hand at it. I felt I could do pretty well and so far, it has paid off. “

Olson explained that the initials “AF” in the company’s name stand for American Fork, where the business is located. With a primary focus on collision repair work, Olson prides himself on being a hometown body shop.

“I feel like our industry has lost so much with big MSOs and corporate businesses running body shops,” said Olson. “I want customers to feel like they can walk in and talk to the owner or manager anytime.”

Olson has more than 28 years of experience in the collision industry.

“Being part of the collision business for a long time, I love the way it works,” he said. “I like looking at the numbers and how they translate into profit. I also like dealing with people and being around cars.”        

Prior to purchasing AF Collision, he worked for a paint distributor in Utah and was familiar with 1Collision.

During the November SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Olson talked to the 1Collision team and felt the network would be a good fit to assist his business.

Olson said he looks forward to having 1Collision help refine AF Collision’s processes.

“I'm excited to move forward and have people I can reach out to at 1Collision and ask questions and see how other successful shops are doing things,” he said.

He and his 12 employees are focused on getting vehicles repaired efficiently and properly.

“I want to ensure my employees and customers are happy,” said Olson.

The shop is currently part of one direct repair program (DRP). “Even if I’m on a DRP, I still want customers to feel like we’re catering to their needs,” said Olson.

Over the last few years, Olson has focused on growing his shop, including updating the equipment and building a staff that can handle the work he believes the facility is capable of doing.   

His goal is to continue to expand his current location and open at least two or three more locations in the future.

“Joining 1Collision is a good fit to help us grow and become more efficient,” said Olson. “It’s not that I think that I couldn’t do it alone but it definitely helps when you have a team of people to help steer the ship rather than just one individual.”        

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