Fix Network Global Conference, Shaping the Future, Concludes

Oct. 18, 2023
Franchisees from Fix Network’s brands of Fix Auto, NOVUS Glass, ProColor Collision and Speedy Auto Service attended the two-day Orlando conference that provided an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and insights from various fields.

It is a wrap on Fix Network’s global conference that brought together thought leaders, franchisees and experts from across the automotive aftermarket and business world to discuss, explore and share ideas and strategies for shaping the future.

Franchisees from Fix Network’s brands of Fix Auto, NOVUS Glass, ProColor Collision and Speedy Auto Service attended the two-day Orlando conference that provided an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and insights from various fields.

“Nothing can take the place of meeting in person to celebrate our successes, share best practices and information, and prepare for an exciting future,” Steve Leal, president and CEO of Fix Network, said. “Having our global network come together is true testament to our company and the focus we put on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses – regardless of where they are in the world.”

Key Highlights

Opening Keynote Address from Fix Network president and CEO, Steve Leal: The event commenced with a welcome message from Fix Network President and CEO Steve Leal who discussed the continued global growth of the company and encouraged franchisees to welcome and embrace change to innovate their businesses. Leal also talked about the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry and the favorable job outlook for glass and automotive technicians.

He also announced that Fix Network entered an exciting Formula One partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake - perfectly aligning with Fix Network’s unwavering commitment on a global scale. The collaboration offers Fix Network a substantial opportunity for worldwide visibility and brand establishment.

Lisa Foshee, senior vice president, Government Affairs and General Counsel, Auto Care Association: Lisa Foshee spoke about the Right to Repair initiative which supports customers having equal access to their vehicle’s wirelessly transmitted repair and maintenance data. While Foshee spoke about the movement in the United States, she explained that 33 global trade associations favor legislation that allows open competition and consumer choice with respect to automotive repair.

Jeff Havens, business growth expert: “The next big thing will begin as a small thing,” Jeff Havens explained. “Being innovative is not hard.” With an engaging and entertaining presentation, Havens shared that innovation simply starts by looking at how to improve existing systems and then asking a question, thinking of possible answers and then trying those answers. “Ask, think, do, repeat,” Havens said.

William George, general manager, NSG / Pilkington (AGR SBU): A self-proclaimed ‘glass nerd’, William George spoke about the evolution of automotive glass and how quickly it is changing. One of the many examples he shared showed the increasing complexity of vehicles parts. In a 2005 vehicle there was approximately three to four differing windshield SKUs, while in a 2023 it has increased to 11 SKUs.

Craig Hardie, group chief, Operations office, United Motors Group: Craig Hardie provided an update to Fix Network’s exciting growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hardie highlighted the Network’s introduction of Fix Auto as well as its new brand, Fix Auto Service.

Ariane de Bonvoisin, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author: Ariane de Bonvoisin focused on change. “The best way to deal with change is to change yourself,”

de Bonvoisin said. “Every good thing in life has resulted from change.” She then outlined the nine principles of change attendees could implement in their everyday lives.

Robert Herjavec, business leader and Cybersecurity expert: Robert Herjavec, executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning hit show, Shark Tank, one of the ‘sharks’ and founder and investor on Canada’s Dragons’ Den, provided insight into his personal life and career. His captivating and personable talk included his eight rules for success.

Evolution and Embracing Change: A panel discussion including franchisees Valerie Veronneau, Fix Auto Sherbrooke Mi-vallon, Quebec; Lynn Washington, NOVUS Glass Denver, Colo., along with Dan Hogg, executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer, Fix Network, talked about the challenges and benefits of consolidation and providing ‘one stop’ locations for customers.

The conference included time to celebrate with a Floridian-themed welcome reception complete with alligators and other reptiles; a Fix Network Global Block party at Universal Studio’s City Walk; and a Futuristic Fantasy gala dinner that saw attendees sporting their best sequins and sparkles.

When asked about the first Fix Network global conference in four years, franchisees said:

“Attending the Global Conference was a great business decision for my wife and me,” Matt Anderson, NOVUS Glass of Spokane, Wash., said. “Attending allowed us to gain knowledge and energy from other franchisees within our brand and from around the world. It also gave us access to quality speakers who presented growth-focused information that we could bring home and immediately implement in our business.”

“I found this world conference to be very visionary. It was impressive that a global network still lives and shapes values such as team orientation, family, credibility and passion,” Knut Hildesheim, Fix Auto Ludwigslust (Germany), said. “I am also more convinced than ever of the power of the Fix Auto Germany brand and stand by it 100 percent.”

“I loved the speakers and especially their messages; it felt good to listen to them and especially to take a moment to reflect on our personal progress,” Valerie Veronneau, Fix Auto Sherbrooke Mi-vallon, Quebec, said. “Getting together and discussing our experiences allows us to evolve together in the same direction.”

“By attending the conference, you help strengthen the brand and network which in turn strengthens your business,” Gus Fournaris, Speedy Auto Service Sarnia, Ont, said. “You get a chance to catch up with other strategic partners and friends that you wouldn’t get to see on a regular basis. I have made many friends and contacts by attending. The daily sessions are very informative as the content is industry and business related. This helps keep you up on current industry trends and provides a look ahead to see what is coming.”

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