Chicagoland body shop achieves two decades as CARSTAR franchisee

Oct. 24, 2023
Luigi “Lou” Scola of CARSTAR Scola’s is a multi-generational owner who inherited the shop from his parents, and the Scola family has been proudly serving the Brookfield community for over 40 years.

A reputation is not given; it is earned through results that are delivered and connections that are made. Or in the case of one body shop owner from the Chicagoland area, reputation is earned through quality-driven repairs and delicious team barbecues.

Luigi “Lou” Scola of CARSTAR Scola’s recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as a CARSTAR franchisee. He's a multi-generational owner who inherited the shop from his parents, and the Scola family has been proudly serving the Brookfield community for over 40 years. Lou himself has been in the industry for over 30 years, serving as trusted partner to consumers and a seasoned business veteran.

Scola is also a Naval veteran who served for six years and even today, continues to be a staunch support of veterans in the community. CARSTAR Scola’s supports numerous programs such as the Fisher House, an organization that provides free, temporary housing for the families of hospitalized veterans, and the NABC’s Recycled Rides program, an initiative that provides refurbished vehicles to populations in need, which may include veterans.

“Working with Lou truly feels like I am a part of the family,” said Louie Santiago, marketing manager, CARSTAR Scola’s. “He acknowledges employees’ birthdays along with their anniversaries and other accomplishments.”

During the summer months, Lou even treats employees to his world-famous barbecue skills. “The fajitas are to die for!” added Louie Santiago.

In addition to his selfless service and fantastic fajitas, Lou Scola is an incredibly involved franchisee within the network. He serves as the chairperson for the CARSTAR Chicagoland Business Group and is an active participant in CARSTAR’s EDGE performance group, a peer-to-peer learning group focused on identifying opportunities for growth and shared wins.

“I do my very best to provide a positive family culture and environment,” said Luigi “Lou” Scola, owner of CARSTAR Scola’s. “A happy employee is a productive employee. In the end, we’re all working towards the same goal, to take care of our families and our communities.”

With 20 years of community support as a CARSTAR, it’s evident that the Brookfield area shares the same sentiments.

“The power of connecting with well-rounded owners like Lou Scola is what keeps me motivated,” said Damien Reyna, chief operating officer, US collision. “It is so inspiring to witness the legacy our talented owners have created firsthand, and I look forward to seeing CARSTAR Scola’s continue to achieve success with the people and processes they have in place.”

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