Drive selects Dave's Auto Body for its May spotlight

May 15, 2023
Always setting the bar higher

If you’re looking for a trustworthy shop with decades of experience, look no further than Dave’s Auto Body in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which has been open for 40 years and counting. Jessica Senn, second generation owner of the shop, didn’t originally plan on taking over the family legacy. But, as her role has grown into what it is today, she’s proud of the status the shop has cultivated. She’s focused on improving her business every single day.

With the shop located right off of a main road and near the airport, it’s easy for new customers to discover what they have to offer. Dave’s Auto Body has a dedicated team of eight including Senn. (Well, not including the shop cat, that is.) Customers may find themselves looking at a sleeping cat on the counter as they are handed back their keys. At this shop anyone is welcome. Whether you’re walking in, using insurance, self-paying, or a furry feline. When Senn isn’t in the shop, she spends time with her family. Senn, her husband, and two daughters love everything that has to do with the outdoors. Including gardening, boat rides, spending time at the lake, and working on various projects.

“I have a great staff. My shop would not run without them,” Senn says.

Her team has been with her since her father was in charge, and three of the employees have been there for over twenty years! Her kids even like to come in and help out, and her six-year-old will put on her name tag to organize her desk, staple paperwork, and put together customer gifts. Not only does Jessica know she can depend on her team, but she knows other shop owners are there to offer advice when needed. 

“I truly enjoy the camaraderie from my colleagues," she says. "I appreciate the knowledge and feedback from other shop owners, and I believe that we can help each other grow from conversations with each other.”

As a DRIVE client, she has many opportunities to meet and engage with other industry professionals. That’s not the only plus to working with DRIVE. Senn says, “DRIVE has encouraged me to push myself toward my future as a collision shop owner. The amazing coaches hold me accountable and strengthen my desire to be great.” Being able to set, work toward, and achieve goals is one of the most rewarding parts of owning a business. There is no better feeling than seeing your goals being achieved in real time.

Before DRIVE, Senn was working the front counter from open to close, unable to ever leave her shop.

“I couldn’t take a day off, and I had a difficult time staying organized,” she says. Since she started working with DRIVE, the difference is night and day. Now, she’s hired two service writers, she can take time off when she wants, and she knows her goals. She also understands key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to use them to her advantage. Whether that’s taking a marketing action, talking with a technician, handling an accounting issue, or otherwise. She’s prepared to tackle any obstacle that may get in her way.

The best advice Senn can give to other shop owners is advice that had been given to her to “get paid for what you do.” She says, “I know it sounds simple and obvious, but the day that I heard that over 10 years ago… well, it still resonates with me.”

Want to hear more from Jessica? Watch her DRIVE Facebook Live episode here:

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