Snap Shop: RBP Collision

Dec. 1, 2017
Connecting with customers is of paramount importance, but building an efficiently laid out shop is equally important.

SHOP: RBP Collision Center   LOCATION: Hillsboro, Ore.  OWNER: Chris Garcia  SIZE: 20,000 square feet  STAFF: 21 AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 125  ANNUAL REVENUE: $3.5 million (projected)

1. Getting Acquainted with the Space:

RBP Auto Collision Center is in a 20,000-square-foot warehouse with 18 bays designated for repair and six bays for paint. 

When they first moved into this building, they had a designated 7,500 square feet. Chris Garcia, vice president of RBP Auto Collision, notes that they needed more space, so they built out the facility to accommodate bays and his 11 technicians. Garcia’s technicians average a 2.5-hour touch time per day.

Garcia’s paint department also got some updates. The paint department has two GFS cross-flow booths, one of which was added two years ago. Other equipment upgrades made to the shop include new welders, a Pro Spot sanding system and four Festool vacuum systems. 

2. Building a Unique Wash Area: 

A standout feature of RBP Auto Collision Center is the outdoor covered wash area, which was built right when they moved the building and doubles in use. Garcia’s dad operates an RV collision repair facility right next to RBP Auto Collision, so both businesses use the same wash area for their vehicles. After the first winter rolled through, they added a cover to the wash area to protect their team members from inclement weather. 

3. Creating a Welcoming Environment:

Garcia’s main goal is to make customers feel like they are a member of the RBP family. In order to provide the best customer experience possible, he remodeled the office and customer waiting area. With this space, he wanted to have the building give off a modern, industrial feel. They’ve done that by removing the carpet and staining the concrete flooring. The ceiling was also redone and painted. 

In the customer waiting area, as a nod to the industry, they also provide Hot Wheels for kids to play with. 

4. Establishing a Connection with Customers:

Garcia wants to ensure his customers see RBP Auto Collision as more than a business, so the shop provides some unique services to embody this thought. 

On Fridays, the RBP team wears super hero T-shirts because, as Garcia notes, Fridays are the busiest days for them and they want to show customers that they can provide quality service and still have fun in the workplace. 

They survey customers and send text messages every other day to provide status updates on their vehicles. Garcia gives out his personal phone number, so customers can get a hold of him. 

RBP Auto Collision offers loaner vehicles and an informal shuttle service, Garcia says the shop will hail Uber rides for customers, if needed. Additionally, his team will go the extra mile and occasionally drive customers somewhere in his or her own personal vehicle. All the person driving has to do is take an RBP Collision insurance card that provides vehicle coverage under the RBP Auto Collision umbrella. The shop then pays to fill up that team members gas tank. 

Garcia says it’s all up to the customer and what they prefer. 

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