G&C AutoBody

Nov. 1, 2012

SHOP: G&C AutoBody  LOCATION: Santa Rosa, Calif.  OWNER: Patrick Crozat

1) G&C AutoBody’s front office includes three desk areas. One is manned by customer service representatives (CSRs). They are responsible for greeting customers and finding out their needs. Another desk is reserved as a workspace for estimators to complete paperwork. The third desk serves as a quiet area where estimators and CSRs can sit down with customers for private conversations.

2) An informational table includes materials about the business and the collision repair process. The table is stocked with business cards of the shop’s business partners, shop brochures and consumer rights pamphlets.

3) The shop has decorative amenities throughout the office to create a warm ambiance and appealing environment. Several antiques are placed throughout the office, such as an old weight scale. G&C even contracted with a Mexico-based company to custom build chandeliers that match the theme of the facility.

4) The shop also includes a wood-burning fireplace, which burns constantly during business hours in the winter months, giving customers a sense of warmth and comfort.

5) An outside vendor maintains a small candy machine. The machine—filled with M&Ms, Skittles and Hot Tamales—does not cost the shop any money, and kids love it, Crozat says.

6) Crozat says it’s critical to have clean, presentable amenities to show customers you care about quality and details. He replaces the couches in the lounge area every couple of years to keep them up to date.