Bonnell's Collision

June 1, 2016
Bonnell’s Collision has customer comfort in mind and creative design throughout

Courtesy Bonnell's Collision

Bonnell’s Collision Center, founded in 1985 by owner Scott Bonnell, opened its Erie, Pa., location in 2005. And when Bonnell first went about decorating the shop, he opted to go with a bright orange-and-blue color scheme to stand out in the community. The lobby is decorated with objects like massage chairs and a popcorn machine to keep with the fun and unusual scheme.

1  Everything at Bonnell’s Collision matches its orange-and-blue color scheme, including its tow truck. Bonnell likes for his shop to stay on the cutting edge of paint, and one way to show that off to customers is to put it on the tow truck. The business’s other location has a truck that features a spinning tornado on its side.

2  Customers can pull in for a preliminary estimate at Bonnell’s two designated estimating bays that feature a portable estimation station.

3  The recently renovated lobby, where three customer service representatives greet customers and deliver estimates and vehicles, features a welcoming fireplace.

4  Customers can sit at a glass bar in the waiting room that has a beverage machine and a popcorn maker for customers to snack on while they wait, or they can relax by kicking back in the lobby’s power massage chairs.

5  In the estimating bays, the customer cars are hosed down before an inspection. Authentic old signage decorates the bay along with a replica Gulf gas pump and Bonnell’s own logos.

6  The upstairs conference room is decorated with Bonnell’s quirky collection of glass vases. In addition to normal managers meetings, the conference room also hosts training classes.

7  The main shop area is for mechanical, frame and reassembly work. Markings on the floor indicate where a car would go to be inspected for quality control before painting. While doing computer work, the operations manager and production manager Nick Bonnell can keep an eye on the shop from their office overlook.

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