Key Reasons Why High Production Shops Prefer This Leading Waterborne Basecoat System

Oct. 25, 2021

Waterborne basecoat systems available today vary greatly. But no matter the technology, color-matching accuracy, ease-of-use, and cycle time performance are, without a doubt, the key considerations when selecting a waterborne system.

In this whitepaper, you will learn what sets the ENVIROBASE High Performance system apart from its competition. To start, you’ll like its anti-settle toner technology that requires only a gentle “shake ‘n pour,” which eliminates mismatches due to improper agitation. And because its application techniques are familiar, it’s easy to learn and master by experienced painters switching from a solvent-based system –and novices too! And they’ll love how fast waterborne lets them get redos out the door.

Read on to see how you can optimize your throughput performance, save energy costs, and receive superb service and support by switching to the leading waterborne basecoat system.