PPG waterborne shop conversions exceed 10,000

Oct. 10, 2014
PPG has now converted more than 10,000 collision centers in the United States and Canada to its waterborne systems.
PPG has now converted more than 10,000 collision centers in the United States and Canada to its waterborne systems, with the majority of these conversions taking place in National Rule areas rather than in low-VOC compliant regions. The announcement was made by PPG waterborne segment manager Tim Jones.  

According to Jones, more than 10,000 collision centers in North America are now using PPG waterborne products, with more than 50 percent of these shops in National Rule markets. This means most PPG customers choose to use waterborne products and systems even though they are not required to do so to meet low-VOC regulations. They do so voluntarily because they want to improve their productivity. 

“Waterborne is not just a compliance solution anymore,” said Jones. “More than 10,000 PPG customers in the U.S. and Canada see the value in superior color matching, excellent throughput and performance, consistent color mixes and other key qualities that our waterborne products provide. PPG has a long-standing commitment to the collision repair industry to deliver high-quality and time-saving products. ENVIROBASE® High Performance and AQUABASE® Plus products are easier to blend and apply; our customers appreciate this and see a real difference in their shops’ productivity.”

Jones attributes the success of PPG’s waterborne products to several factors including a highly effective and easy CONVERT WITH CONFIDENCE® transition process and the service and support customers receive from PPG and its best-in-class distributor partners. “Collision centers are converting to PPG’s waterborne with great results,” he said. “Shops are finding the actual conversion to waterborne is simple. They’re also finding that we support them and view their productivity as a measure of our mutual success.”

Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus products are now in their third generation. PPG introduced its waterborne technology to the international OEM market in 1986 and brought the world's first commercialized refinish waterborne basecoat to market in 1992. Since then PPG has added new primers and clearcoats to the two brands and will, according to Jones, continue to expand the product lines’ offerings.

For more information about PPG and Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus waterborne products call (800) 647-6050 or visit www.ppgrefinish.com.

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