DeBeer Refinish announces patent-pending toner technology for OEM candy reds at SEMA

Nov. 2, 2016
DeBeer Refinish, a Valspar Automotive brand, introduces a real game-changer to the automotive collision repair market with its new patent-pending Metallic Bright Red toner technology this week at The SEMA Show.
LAS VEGAS — DeBeer® Refinish, a Valspar Automotive brand, introduces a real game-changer to the automotive collision repair market with its new patent-pending Metallic Bright Red toner technology this week at The SEMA Show, today through November 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In the Valspar Automotive booth – no. 10851 (North Hall) – a 1966 Ford Fairlane customized by Anton’s Hot Rod Shop in Cleveland features DeBeer’s new Metallic Bright Red OEM-approved toner—in Ford RR (Ruby Red) Metallic.
“This is a real breakthrough in color design and refinish technology,” says Paul Goedhart, global director of color technology, Valspar Automotive. “With color and our customers are at the core of our business and all of our brands, we’re continually working to deliver innovative, solution-minded products that make repair and refinishing processes easier, and shops more productive. OEM-approved DeBeer Refinish 900+ Basecoat, featuring our Metallic Bright Red toner, accomplishes these goals.” DeBeer’s Metallic Bright Red toner is the first step in a simple three-part process for refinishing tricky OEM red candy colors.

The difference and impact are clearly visible from the first coat—the OEM basecoat formula featuring Metallic Bright Red. “By design, color match is almost spot-on from the first coat of basecoat color,” says Goedhart. “We’ve eliminated a step by combining the first two layers in the candy repair,” he says, referring to what would traditionally include a grey undercoat followed by a red basecoat.
The second step is a translucent layer—a lightly-tinted intermediate coat for depth and vibrancy—followed by the third and final layer: a 100 percent translucent clearcoat for brilliance and lasting protection.
“More and more, OEMs are looking for the trendy colors that are increasing in demand, like Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic and Chrysler’s Inferno Red Metallic,” says Laura Yerkey, director of marketing, Valspar Automotive. “And, ironically these are the colors that are the hardest to repair from a color match, blending and hiding standpoint.”

A 1966 Ford Fairlane in the Valspar Automotive booth (no. 10851) this week at the SEMA Show features Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic. The build by Anton’s Hot Rod Shops, a Cleveland area hot rod shop known for its custom engine builds and fabrications, is all about the finish—a shining example of what DeBeer’s new toner technology delivers.
“Each layer is easy-to-mix and spray,” says Anton, “and goes on evenly and has great coverage.” “With candies, sometimes you can get haloing or striping at the midcoat process, but not with this. It’s translucent and lays down beautifully.”
The beauty of the DeBeer red toner technology is spot-on color match for a difficult hue and the fact that it’s a user-friendly simplified process—“a huge time and money-saver for refinishers,” says Yerkey. “There’s also zero cloudiness or mottling which is an industry first for candy red,” she adds, “a refinisher’s dream.”

The Metallic Bright Red toner is available for both solvent and waterborne mixing colors including: 9184 Metallic Bright Red for DeBeer WaterBase 900+ Series and 5184 Metallic Bright Red for BeroBase 500 Series (solvent).
In addition to the candy red hue by DeBeer Refinish, the ’66 Fairlane features an all-aluminum 510 cubic inch Ford motor, one-off Billet wheels made by Boze, 4-wheel disc brakes and a custom suspension. “The car is pretty much factory with the exception of the engine, wheels and suspension,” says Anton, “which is anything but.”
Visit the Valspar Automotive booth no. 10851 (North Hall) at SEMA Nov. 1-4, 2016, in Las Vegas to see Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic on Anton’s 1966 Ford Fairlane and learn more about the DeBeer Refinish Metallic Bright Red toner technology.

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