Valspar recognizes Mavericks of Color

Nov. 28, 2016
Matrix Automotive Finishes introduced a new marketing campaign recognizing the industry’s most notable shop owners, custom painters and artists.

Matrix Automotive Finishes introduced a new marketing campaign recognizing the industry’s most notable shop owners, custom painters and artists.

Additionally, the brand’s newest marketing campaign includes the first bi-lingual advertisement in major industry publications. The new 2016 Mavericks of Color campaign stars Ryan Evans from History’s “Counting Cars” and Danny “the Count” Koker’s Counts Kustom garage in Las Vegas, Shop Owner Cody Lumpkin from Dick Lumpkins Auto Body in Piqua, Ohio and Shop Manager Shane Marchyshyn from Automotive Services Inc. in Columbus, OH.
“We were looking for true brand ambassadors,” says Laura Yerkey, director of marketing, Valspar Automotive. “Ryan, Shane and Cody are all devout users that know the product line inside and out, and trust and value its position when it comes to quality, performance and color match. They know Matrix will go up against the competition and win every time.”

According to Yerkey, Ryan, Cody and Shane and all of the other Matrix painters across the country are in a league of their own. “They’re passionate, diverse, entrepreneurial and embody grit,” she says. “They work hard and play hard. But most important, they love this brand.”
The Mavericks of Color campaign honors users’ loyalty and dedication because says Yerkey “without them, we wouldn’t be one of the largest non-OEM brands in the country.”
The new Mavericks of Color campaign includes bi-lingual advertisements in key industry publications—addressing the industry’s increasing diversity—as well as a custom website complete with video interviews with this year’s Mavericks, training classes specific to the brand and links to see Matrix paint on endless vehicles—thanks to a devout following on Instagram.
“We’ve created a destination for painters to go and get gear, share eye candy and become the next Maverick of Color,” says Yerkey.
A social media competition will determine Matrix’s Mavericks of Color of 2017. “If you think you’ve got what it takes, you'll have to submit a video and tell us why you think you’re a Maverick,” says Yerkey.
Three winners will be selected and featured in 2017 Mavericks of Color campaign materials. Contest details will be shared on the website and Matrix social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – in the New Year.

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