Nissan Introduces Certified Collision Network Consumer Referral Program

Nov. 10, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014—Nissan announced on Monday what it called “major enhancements” to the Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network program, launching a consumer-focused referral initiative that ties Nissan vehicle owners with Nissan Certified Collision Repair Providers.

To enhance relationships between certified shops within the network and nissan owners, Nissan North America is launching the first of its kind On-Demand-Marketing (ODM) tool. The tool simplifies marketing for certified shops through a one-stop-shop process that grants them access to Nissan owners geographically.  

Now, Nissan-certified shops can send marketing messages via mailer or email promoting their certified shop location directly to Nissan owners. The new marketing tool helps Certified Shops build awareness in their market.

The Nissan Collision Repair Network combines collision shop certification, consumer awareness and education elements, along with shop locators to ensure that Nissan customers can locate the certified repairer wherever and whenever they might need one.  

This program assures that certified collision shops have the right tools, equipment, training and facilities to repair Nissan vehicles to the company’s exacting specifications for fit, finish, durability, safety and value.

“In some cases, Nissan customers have endured a collision repair experience—and the resulting repairs—that have been controlled by third parties who don’t necessarily have the customer’s best interests in mind,” Mark Zoba, collision parts manager for Nissan North America, said in a release.  “Nissan values our customers and is willing to do whatever we can to enhance our customer’s experience. With this program, Nissan is addressing this critical issue by ensuring their vehicle drivers are able to select certified shops that are able to properly and safely repair Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.”

Nissan has teamed up with Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and the third-party administrator for OEM Certification-Recognition programs.

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