3M partners with Chip Foose on global basis

Jan. 1, 2020
3M Automotive Aftermarket Division and Foose

Design expanded on a multiyear agreement with Chip Foose.
3M Automotive Aftermarket Division and Foose Design expanded on a multiyear agreement with Chip Foose, owner and chief designer of Foose Design and star of TV’s “Overhaulin.’” He will represent 3M’s line of automotive aftermarket products worldwide.

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“I have been using 3M products since I first started working with my Dad in his shop,” Foose said. “The 3M Automotive Aftermarket products are used daily by all of us at Foose Design and are a big part of our success. 3M products are known for quality and innovation and I am thrilled to be associated with this great company, its products and its people.”

The global agreement, set to activate in the summer of 2012, includes 3M Automotive Collision Repair products and systems.

“Having started my formal relationship with 3M Latin America, I am extremely proud to now represent 3M throughout the U.S. and on a worldwide basis,” Foose said. “Passion for great automotive design and fabrication is universal. The world has become a smaller place through technology and social media, and I hope to utilize both in helping to communicate 3M’s commitment to quality and innovation.”

The partnership includes promotions, media outreach and appearances by Foose with 3M customers and at select automotive events in the U.S. and around the world.

“Chip Foose is one of the best known car designers and builders in the world, and we’re honored that he is a loyal believer in 3M Automotive Aftermarket product solutions,” said Dale Ross, U.S. Marketing Operations Manager at 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. “We’re proud to have him become an ambassador for the 3M brand in the U.S., and look forward to working with him on creative automotive design projects and promotions in the coming year.”

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