Mudlick Mail expands free lead tracking program

Jan. 1, 2020
Direct mail provider Mudlick Mail is expanding efforts to help clients measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Direct mail provider Mudlick Mail is expanding efforts to help clients measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The company, which serves automotive repair shops, is now providing every customer with a free call tracking service that logs and records calls generated by that client’s direct mail program.

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Using the program, Mudlick Mail clients can easily track the number of calls received and assess how well their employees are responding to customer inquiries.

“We are proud to offer our clients a user-friendly tool that not only allows them to gauge the effectiveness of their mailers, but also provides them with the opportunity to refine their sales approach,” says Mudlick Mail President Tim Ross.

Mudlick Mail clients receive a local phone number based on their location that is listed on their direct mail offers. Each call that comes into the line is recorded for further evaluation. Clients can then log into a website and scan the call counts, listen to individual calls and forward them to staff for review. The benefits of this process include:

• Provides clients with an accurate count of calls generated by a postcard

• Offers an opportunity for clients to train their staffs on how to convert leads into customers and how to best schedule customers

• Allows clients to modify direct mail offers if they do not generate a sufficient number of leads

• The service has been proven so popular, that Mudlick Mail now has 405 active phone lines and is adding 40 to 50 lines per month.

Mudlick Mail CEO Greg Sands established Mudlick Mail after searching for years for the right advertising vehicle for the 25 repair shops he operates in four states. Direct mail was the only vehicle that allowed Sands to accurately reach high-caliber customers within the market area of his stores.

Through market research, Mudlick Mail enables shop owners to target customers by income, neighborhood and even vehicle make. The company’s campaigns include graphic design services, printing, listing services, postage and delivery for one flat fee. In addition, Mudlick provides free training on customer service, sales techniques and other strategies to help shop owners maximize their direct mail campaigns.

Mudlick Mail mailed more than 35 million pieces of mail in 2011, up from 22 million in 2010. The company is projecting sales of $20 million in 2012 and expects to mail 60 million pieces of mail.

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