Sherwin-Williams, CSi Complete to expand customer review service

Jan. 1, 2020
A recent study by the NADA University found that only 14 percent of consumers trust advertising.

A recent study by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) University found that only 14 percent of consumers trust advertising. Tame research revealed that almost 80 percent trust referrals and recommendations from their peers.

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In response to these findings, the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes A-Plus™ Network announced it has expanded its affiliation with CSi Complete to provide the SureCritic™ review system to its members, in order to provide more accurate review opportunities.

CSi Complete already provides A-Plus Network members with a systematic program for monitoring business performance by providing feedback from collision repair shop customers.  According to David Merrell, CSi Complete Vice President, Sales and Service, CSi can now take this one step further by providing a service that will help to manage collision repair shops’ online reputations.

“In today's age of social media online reputation is of maximum importance and CSi Complete through SureCritic can help,” says Merrell. “Through SureCritic we currently provide a service that collects a large volume of ratings and reviews, then publishes these reviews to search engine optimized Business Review Pages (BRP'S) specifically for A-Plus Network members’ business.

“We are excited to again team with CSi Complete, and now SureCritic, to provide our network members with one of the finest online customer review and reputation management experiences,” adds Troy Neuerburg, Manager of Marketing Business Services at Sherwin- Williams Automotive Finishes. “The SureCritic system improves and manages online reputation, drives referrals with a positive online presence, dilutes and displaces misleading information, and will expand our member shops’ reach with each of their various social media platforms.”

"SureCritic and online reputation management is hugely important to the collision repair industry. We are proud to be a business partner with the Sherwin Williams A-Plus Network and remain excited to bring valuable services to the member shops that make up the A-Plus brand," noted Merrell.

CSi Complete has been a long-time member of the contributor program for A-Plus Network Members. All third-party contributors must go through a selection process that focuses on quality of products and the value of the business proposition.

CSi Complete is designed to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals, and profits. It aims helps repair facilities by:

  • Increasing repeat and referral business
  • Giving owners and managers credible documentation to market the company to other businesses
  • Providing useful information for advertising and public relations opportunities
  • Increasing productivity within the business by providing management and coaching tools

In addition, for those A-Plus Network members interested in adding the SureCritic program, CSi Complete announced that through an introductory promotion, they can sign up at and receive their first 20 surveys for free.

For more information about the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes A-Plus Network, visit www.a-; or call the A-Plus Network Hotline at 1-800- 386-3881.

For more information about CSi Complete and SureCritic, visit