Purolator's 2012 ad campaign reaches out through TV, social media

Jan. 1, 2020
Purolator aims for 1 billion impressions with its new ad campaign directed at shops, techs and consumers.

Purolator has launched an ambitious new filtration advertising and promotional campaign for 2012. With multiple ad campaigns focusing on the oil filter line of products, BreatheEasy cabin air filter line, and new Synthetic oil filter line, Purolator expects to generate over one billion impressions. The 2012 campaign focuses primarily on engaging Purolator’s audience through memorable television spots and by driving conversations on social media sites such as Facebook. In addition, the campaign also includes radio, print and online advertising.

Scheduled to run from March through September, this multi-million dollar campaign is designed to promote awareness of the quality and reputation of the Purolator brand among consumers, which, in turn, is expected to generate considerable pull-through sales for automotive parts retailers and repair shops. 

Digital ads, which will appear on Hulu, YouTube, Google, Facebook and other social media sites, will focus on Purolator oil filters’ use of metal endcaps where others use those made of cardboard. The message is that metal is strong and durable and protects an engine better than cardboard.

Three television ads (:30 second spots – Shootout, Burglar and Dentist) are scheduled to appear on national cable channels such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, ESPN, Speed, Spike, and others, and on Live sports channels such as NASCAR, MLB, NHL and NBA. These new ads can be viewed on Purolator’s Facebook page in the Videos section or on Purolator’s YouTube channel. Network radio ads will be featured on ESPN, rock, classic hits and country stations.

Purolator’s powerful Facebook campaign which will transfer the site’s entire content to the new ‘Timeline’ format sets the stage for more effective customer engagement. While a continuous flow of informative messages to the consumer will keep the Purolator brand top of mind, additional engagement and promotional activities will continue the momentum of building the Purolator community and providing the fan base an expert resource for their automotive filtration needs.

In addition to being on television, radio and digital media, Purolator’s memorable tag line, ‘Keep It Pure’ will continue to resonate through this integrated communications campaign’s public relations initiative. A concerted public relations campaign will disseminate carefully crafted messages via social media, enthusiast magazines and online automotive and sports sites that do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) frequently turn to for reliable automotive news and advice.

Two Purolator products, the recently introduced Purolator Synthetic oil filter and BreatheEasy cabin air filter, have been singled out for ‘individualized’ campaigns. One-third page print ads for Purolator Synthetic highlighting its ‘match’ with the increasingly popular long-lasting synthetic oil along with other features like 10,000 mile life, 99 percent efficiency and wire media support will appear in DIY publications such as Family Handyman and enthusiast publications such as Car & Driver, Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Car Craft and others. Digital ads featuring Purolator Synthetic’s characteristics will appear on similar digital networks.

The BreatheEasy campaign for 2012 will continue to create awareness – among women and ‘moms’ in particular – with the message that it is important to protect oneself and family from breathing in dirty, contaminated air when driving/riding in a vehicle. Full-page print ads and digital ads for BreatheEasy will appear in family-oriented publications such as Good Housekeeping, Scholastic Parent and Child, and WebMD magazine. BreatheEasy has obtained the Good Housekeeping Seal that will help build consumer confidence. The BreatheEasy program will run from May to August.

Finally, in addition to its highly creative and ambitious consumer advertising campaign, Purolator is running national promotions on its PureONE and Classic oil and air filters, Synthetic oil filters and BreatheEasy cabin air filters. Visit Purolator’s website (www.purolatorautofilters.com) for current rebate offers.