Michelin: New winter tire offers peace-of-mind plus fuel savings

Jan. 1, 2020
Michelin reports that its just-launched X-Ice Xi3 tire "delivers the ultimate performance and protection in all winter conditions."
Michelin reports that its just-launched X-Ice Xi3 tire “delivers the ultimate performance and protection in all winter conditions.”

“We all want to feel safe when driving with our loved ones, no matter the weather or road conditions, and this tire does just that. It gives you peace of mind,” says winter category manager Normand Latremouille, noting that the new release “not only offers complete confidence while driving in any winter condition, but also fuel efficiency and long-lasting performance.”

Using third-generation winter-grip technology that provides better winter performance than other tire makers, it stops up to 10 percent shorter on ice and lasts up to two times longer, according to Latremouille.

Four key technologies are in the tread block. The Cross Z sipe enables stable handling, Block Edge provides more grip on snow and ice and Micro-Pumps absorb water – all improve tread contact as FleX-Ice, a rubber silica-based compound, offers unsurpassed braking, he says.

A tear-drop shaping of the vertical sipes provides better grip during acceleration and braking, which helps high-speed handling, says Latremouille. Its MaxTouch Construction features a contact-patch shape that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering while maximizing wear life.

It will maintain quality performance and appearance through the life of the tire, he says, referring to a 40,000- mile limited treadwear warranty. With Green X marking, it guarantees a level of energy efficiency among the highest in the market, according to Latremouille. It helps reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining all the advantages of long wear, safety and performance.

“When you buy winter tires, you want to feel confident that you are getting a premium product that will last and perform winter after winter,” adds Latremouille. The “revolutionary design and technology serves up safety and longevity. Quite simply, it is the best winter tire in the market. And that is why we back it up with our Michelin Promise Plan.”

It will be available in the fall in 33 dimensions – ranging from 14- to 18- inch rim diameters – and will cover more than 90 percent of the Canadian and American winter market for cars and mini-vans.

For more information, visit www.michelinman.com .

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