Con-way trucking fleet picks Goodyear to provide wide-base tires

Jan. 1, 2020
Commercial hauler Con-way Truckload has selected Goodyear as its principal supplier of wide-base truck tires.
Commercial hauler Con-way Truckload has selected Goodyear as its principal supplier of wide-base truck tires.

Operating 2,700 tractors and 8,000 trailers, Con-way reports that it has converted all of the tractors and more than 90 percent of its trailer fleet to wide-base tires.

Goodyear will be providing its recently introduced G392 SSD drive and G394 SST trailer wide-base tires, both of which contain DuraSeal Technology. Carrying SmartWay verification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they are available in size 445/50R22.5, Load Range L.

“Goodyear provided a responsive, best overall cost solution, addressing both quality and durability,” says Randy Cornell, Con-way’s vice president of maintenance.

“We’re pleased to be able to expand a business relationship that the Con-way organization and Goodyear have enjoyed for more than 10 years,” he notes.

Con-way Freight, the firm’s less-than-a-truckload subsidiary, is also a Goodyear customer, utilizing a different line of the company’s tires.

Con-Way Truckload and Con-way Freight are each recipients of the EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award, which recognizes trucking companies for the highest achievements in improving fuel economy and lowering carbon emissions.



“With Goodyear’s DuraSeal Technology, which has built-in self-sealing capability, customers such as Con-way Truckload can run wide-base tires with confidence, while reaping the other benefits that are associated with use of wide-base tires in the long-haul truckload market, such as increased weight savings and improved fuel economy,” says Frank Payne, the tire maker’s general manager of fleet tires.

The G392 SSD and G394 SST also provide “exceptional performance and value to help drive down cost-per-mile for our customers,” according to Payne. “In addition, they offer superior handling with optimized tread depth in the drive position and a tread pattern that helps resist irregular wear.”

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