New SUV, crossover and light truck tire offered by Continental

Jan. 1, 2020
New SUV, crossover and light truck tire offered by Continental
Continental is introducing its new CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology for SUVs, crossovers and light trucks.

The premium all-season tire was developed to deliver improved fuel economy and treadwear, reduce harmful CO2 emissions and surpass the competition – which it does, stopping 34 feet shorter than the leading competitor in independent wet braking tests, according to Bill Caldwell, vice president of sales and marketing.

It is a top performer in rainy and snowy conditions, he adds. Designed for excellent wet traction and equipped with Traction Grooves, which are biting edges in the tire grooves, drivers experience shorter stopping distances on wet ground and increased traction and grip on snow, says Caldwell.

The hallmark of the offering is greater fuel economy when compared to the leading competition, he asserts. With the advanced EcoPlus Technology, it can save the average driver up to 2,500 miles of fuel over the life of the tire. Smooth Response Technology offers a smooth and comfortable ride, crisp handling and drastically reduced road noise, “leading the way in road comfort, quality and savings,” says Caldwell.

“We’re fully committed to building advanced tires and improving the environment - reducing CO2 emissions, reducing our waste and researching new and innovative ways to advance tire technology,” Caldwell continues.

“The fact that our customers ultimately keep more money in their wallets is frosting on the cake. We’ve created a cutting-edge tire that helps to keep our world greener, that saves fuel and money and that is safer than the competition. We’re proud of this tire and we’re happy to be able to offer our customers the features they demand in one tire.”



EcoPlus Technology consists of two main components; Tg-F polymers and +Silane.

The Tg-F polymers are temperature-activated functional polymers that increase compound bonding, improving the wear and fuel efficiency of the tire. The second component, +Silane, is an additive that works to enhance the tire’s grip on slippery roads and reduce stopping distances, according to Caldwell. “These technologies work together to enhance the driving experience for a long tire life when conditions are normal, and to provide excellent wet braking on slippery roads.”

The new tire is backed by some of the strongest warranty programs and service contracts in the industry, including a 70,000 mile or 72 month limited warranty and 12-month free replacement, he says. It comes in a wide range of sizes from 16- to 20-inch wheel diameters with a UTQG rating of 740 AB for S and T speed, and 680 AA for H speed.

For more information, visit www.conti-

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