Two new commercial tires debuted by Hankook at trucking show

Jan. 1, 2020
Hankook has unveiled two new regional haul commercial tires, the AH24 and DH06, using the March 31-April 2 Mid- America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. to showcase the products.
Hankook has unveiled two new regional haul commercial tires, the AH24 and DH06, using the March 31-April 2 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. to showcase the products.

The AH24 is designed as a premium regional haul, all- position tire which focuses on high-scrub situations where endurance, durability and high mileage are vital, according to Brian Sheehey, director of commercial tires.

It was developed with adverse weather conditions in mind and employs solid wide ribs and an improved kerf design to displace water for outstanding grip, he says. An enhanced sidewall design is intended to prevent damage such as cuts and abrasions and to extend casing durability and tire life cycle performance.

Also debuting at the show is the DH06, a premium deep drive, open shoulder regional haul tire developed for exceptional grip and control, says Sheehey. An improved, deeper tread block design allows it to offer extraordinary traction in rain, mud and snow conditions.

Particular attention was paid to maximize DH06’s casing life cycle mileage performance, he reports.

Both tires will be available this summer.

“Commercial tires are an important part of our business in the United States,” says Sheehey. “As we begin to see signs of recovery in the economy, we want to be positioned to help support fleets re-energize their business. With one of the industry’s best warranties and exceptional value, the new AH24 and DH06 are two tires that will help them do exactly that.”

The tires were designed with Hankook’s e3 (pronounced e-Cubed) technology which focuses on three main areas: Energy, economy and environment. e3 is part of the company’s Kontrol Technology philosophy, which allows for the design and production of tires that provide a range of benefits across four areas that consumers identified as key when choosing quality tires: Performance, safety, comfort and a tire’s impact on the environment, Sheehey explains.

Hankook currently offers 18 truck tires providing coverage for all truck and bus applications. They are available at more than 700 commercial tire dealer locations.

The tire maker has fitments with several original equipment manufacturers, including Navistar and IC Bus; plus trailer companies such as Vanguard National Trailer Corp., Hyundai Translead, Great Dane Trailers, Cheetah Chassis and Kentucky Trailer Technologies.

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