Toyo awarding cash to drivers reaching racing success on its tires

Jan. 1, 2020
Toyo will be supporting motorsports competitors across the country with a series of contingency programs.
Toyo will be supporting motorsports competitors across the country with a series of contingency programs.

Amateur racers in a variety of events such as autocross, Time Attack, road racing and desert off-road racing have the opportunity to win cash and prizes while running on the company’s tires.

In SCCA, racers contingency payouts include the Solo National Event Tours, Solo Divisional Championships, Solo National Championships, the ProSolo National Series and National Spec Miata road racing.

In 2010, racers won several championships while competing in the Street Touring classes on Toyo’s Proxes R1R extreme performance tires.

NASA road racers can earn “Toyo Bucks” for podium finishes while using Proxes RA1 R-compound tires. NASA spec classes using these tires include: American Iron, Camaro-Mustang Challenge, Factory Five Challenge, Honda Challenge, Spec 3/Spec e30 (BMW), Spec Miata, and 944-spec.



Competing on road courses across the country, Redline Time Attack racers can also earn Toyo Bucks contingency payouts for their podium wins. Numerous drivers on the circuit choose the Proxes R888, street legal R-compound tire, according to Stan Chen, manager of events and motorsports.

SCORE-International desert racers can win funds for running with tires such as the Open Country M/T tires in classes including Trophy Truck, Class-1/2 1600, Class 8, Class 7, Class 7S and Class Stock Full.

In addition, competitors in the Best in the Desert off-road series can also win cash contingencies for earning podiums on Open Country M/T tires.

“Toyo Tires is proud to continue our extensive contingency support of amateur race drivers across the U.S.,” says Chen. “Whether racing on our Proxes UHP and R-compound tires on the pavement, or with our Open Country products in the desert, we offer a tire that will deliver a winning advantage.”

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