Renault taps Pirelli as tire provider for European racing series

Jan. 1, 2020
Pirelli has sealed a three-year agreement as the exclusive tire supplier to a one-make rally series organized by Renault, which will take place throughout several European countries.
Pirelli has sealed a three-year agreement as the exclusive tire supplier to a one-make rally series organized by Renault, which will take place throughout several European countries.

The venture aims to strengthen the tire maker’s presence in rallying throughout Europe.

Pirelli tires have already been seen on the Renault Clio R3 since the car made its debut in 2009, supplying the Italian and Swiss Clio championships, and they have also equipped the Twingo R2 since 2010.

The company’s tires will be used exclusively by every Renault competing on the manufacturer’s one-make rally series: Not only in Italy, Switzerland and in the United Kingdom, but also in Spain, France and other nations.

Pirelli will be involved in Renault’s rally activities at a higher level too as sole supplier to its European Trophy, which forms part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

The championships are open to all of Renault’s two-wheel drive rally cars, such as the Clio Sport R3 and Twingo Sport R2, as well as the new Twingo Sport R1, which has been selected by the French motorsports federation as the sole car for the forthcoming French Junior Championship. In addition, the new Megane Sport RS N4 is also to run on Pirelli rubber.



The cars will use a selection of Pirelli’s asphalt and gravel tires this year. The tires are based on technology similar to those seen in the World Rally Championship, where Pirelli was the single supplier from 2008 to 2010.

All the cars will use the same range of tires: The RX for asphalt, RE for wet conditions and K for gravel. The Twingo Sport R1 will use a 15-inch tire, the Twingo Sport R2 has a 16- inch tire, and the Clio Sport R3 is fitted with a 17-inch tire.

Renault’s rally series represents a perfect arena for drivers to compete for two-wheel drive class wins in their national championships. Having included an affordable but highly competitive rally car as the Twingo Sport R1, the automaker enables young driving talent to limit costs together with Pirelli, which has always believed in assisting the careers of young drivers, according to Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsports director. “This latest partnership with Renault underlines Pirelli’s commitment to rallying,” he notes, citing the company’s involvement with the World Rally Championship since its inception in 1973.

“It’s a great pleasure and privilege for Pirelli to work in association with such a leading brand as Renault, with whom we are also collaborating in Formula One this year,” says Hembery.

“With a selection of four highly competitive rally cars and several prestigious one-make trophies, the French manufacturer has underlined its commitment to customer competition activities,” he adds.

“Thanks to this three-year agreement, Pirelli will be able to extend its market share in Europe, especially with regard to France, which is a very important market for us,” says Hembery. “We will also continue to support young drivers, which are an integral part of our motorsport strategy.”

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