TIA sets course schedules for instructor certification sessions

Jan. 1, 2020
Dates have been established for the Tire Industry Association?s (TIA) 2011 Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Certified Instructor programs.
Dates have been established for the Tire Industry Association’s (TIA) 2011 Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Certified Instructor programs.

The newly-revised ATS program combines in-depth classroom instruction with comprehensive, hands-on education, says Roy Littlefield, executive vice president. “Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to return to their companies and impart that knowledge to their fellow employees by conducting in-house Certified ATS Technician or Instructor classes.”

The CTS program utilizes classroom instruction with hands-on learning and meets the requirements laid out by OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177. Students who successfully complete the CTS Instructor program are qualified to certify technicians in the field.

Both the ATS and CTS classes are held in either three- or four-day sessions. The classes are being held in Baltimore and Denver.

“Both TIA’s CTS and ATS Instructor Programs have been updated within the past two years,” Littlefield points out. “This means that technicians have the opportunity to receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date instruction on the latest tire service techniques.”



The scheduled dates for 2011 are:

TIA Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Instructor ClassesBaltimore: Three-day: March 29-31; Oct. 18-20 Four-day: March 29-April 1; Oct. 18-21
  • Denver:
    Three-day: May 17-19; Dec. 13-15
    Four-day: May 17-20; Dec. 13-16
  • TIA Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Instructor ClassesBaltimore: Three-day: Feb. 22-24; Sept. 13-15 Four-day: February 22 - 25; September 13 - 16 Denver: Three-day: April 5-7; Nov. 15-17 Four-day: April 5-8; Nov. 15-18 “TIA’s training programs are widely considered to be among the best in the world,” says Littlefield, “and a TIA Certification can benefit the technician, the shop owner and the motoring public.”

    For more information visit www.tireindustry.org.

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