Falken rolls out new tires for variety of fitments

Jan. 1, 2020
Falken Tire has expanded its product line to target three distinct audiences and applications.
Falken Tire has expanded its product line to target three distinct audiences and applications.

Debuting at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show are the premium performance touring Azenis PT- 722; 17 Large Overall Diameter (LOD) WildPeak A/T sizes; and the EcoRun line of tires for trucks, buses and radials, which draw their development from SmartWay low-rolling resistance technology.

AZENIS PT722 is Falken’s first ultra high performance, all- season tire, with a deep tread depth and long lateral groove designed for anti-hydroplaning and stability in the wet, according to the company. The asymmetric tread pattern provides tremendous comfort while Rotation Wear Indicators regularly inform drivers of proper rotation timing, maximizing wear performance for better mileage and a longer life.

The line will be available in March.

“We have targeted the PT722 as an ideal original equipment replacement tire for BMW 6 and 7-Series models; Lexus LS Sedans; and Mercedes CLs, as well as a number of plus-size fitments,” says marketing director Andrew Hoit. “We will quickly roll out 44 sizes in diameters ranging from 16 to 20-inch.”

Fresh from rigorous testing in conjunction with Off Road Evolution’s JK Experience, a week-long extreme off-road event focused on the Jeep Wrangler JK vehicle, the new WildPeak A/T LOD tires “performed superbly and proved that the tire is ready for the punishment of running off-road, yet equally comfortable in terms of delivering a great ride on smooth surfaces.”

The Wildpeak A/T additions will be available in January with 35- and 37-inch applications for 17-, 18- and 20-inch wheel diameters.



“The WildPeak A/T is a strong tire, ready to take on the challenges drivers throw at it,” says Hoit. “When Falken launches a new tire, it does so with authentication as its foundation, and I’m confident our customers will recognize that we are taking off-road very seriously – and passionately – with the new 37-inch tire.”

SmartWay tires started as an important collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and tire manufacturers such as Falken to help the transportation industry deal more effectively with moving freight,” he notes. The challenge was to help trucking fleets improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. The need was high to find ways to cut fuel costs.

“Low rolling resistance technology is designed to minimize the energy wasted as heat as the tires roll down the highway,” explains Nick Fousekis, Falken’s senior manager of consumer marketing. “As a result, minimizing energy thus improves fuel efficiency, which became an initial goal of SmartWay.”

The company’s engineers developed the EcoRun brand to incorporate the eco-friendliness of performance and price into its products, he adds. “EcoRun tires will help drivers save money and fuel as the tires work more resourcefully.”

Falken will start introducing EcoRun sizes in December.

For more information visit www.falkentire.com.

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