Mitchell 1 introduces ManagerSE and ManagerPlusSE v6.4

Jan. 1, 2020
Mitchell 1 has introduced the all-new ManagerSE and ManagerPlusSE v6.4 ? the next generation of shop management software.
Mitchell 1 has introduced the all-new ManagerSE and ManagerPlusSE v6.4 – the next generation of shop management software.

ManagerSE is a new technology platform which improves upon Mitchell 1’s existing industry-standard Manager v5 software. Through the steady introduction of ground-breaking advancements, Manager v5 has helped to increase the productivity of thousands of repair shops. “Mitchell 1’s Manager SE and ManagerPlusSE offer an integrated approach to automotive shop productivity to help shops project a professional image, increase car count, increase revenue per RO, improve communications within the shop and maintain profitability,” said Anton Jagers, product manager for Mitchell 1.

Highlights of new capabilities provided by Mitchell 1 ManagerSE v6.4:
  • Now compatible with 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Micrsoft SQL based database provides enhanced stability and wireless capability
  • Eleven new online parts ordering catalogs are available for Manager SE v6.4 – this is in addition to the industry leading number of electronic catalogs already accessible through Manager v5. More are being added regularly
  • Easily integrates with new electronic parts catalogs as they become available. Additional electronic catalogs are instantly recognized by Manager SE v6.4 when loaded and are ready for integrated high-speed online ordering from within the management system
  • VIN decoding through CARFAX makes it easier to identify the vehicle’s configuration and helps make sure the correct parts are ordered from the supplier
  • Modernized screen grids make it easy to find data faster. Grids can be easily searched, sorted, and rearranged. Individual cells can be easily edited on the fly directly on the grid
  • A customized color shop logo can be included on Estimates, Repair Orders, and Invoices
  • An integrated emailing function makes it quick and easy to email Estimates, Repair Orders, and Invoices to vehicle owners Manager SE v6.4 maintains the same great benefits already provided by Manager v5 including:
  • Profit enhancing information such as recommendations, revisions and customer history
  • Quick and easy access to vital customer information, from payment status to customers’ birthdays. There’s even a Customer Loyalty Snapshot to help shops instantly recognize their most valued customers
  • Powerful tools like the Symptom Wizard™ ensure service writers build accurate, reliable and profitable estimates and repair orders. Integration with Mitchell 1’s up-to-date maintenance schedules, TSBs, specifications and procedures adds further precision to the flow in the shop
  • Measure business with nearly 200 integrated reports to be more profitable, efficient, and professional
  • Shops get support to become “power” users. The online Management Forum connects shops to Mitchell 1 training staff and to each other so users can learn to help their businesses run better



Mitchell 1 ManagerPlusSE includes all of the features and benefits of ManagerSE with the addition of inventory control. Shops get a database on inventoried parts, automatic purchase order generation, historical trends and extensive reporting. With more than 40 inventory/purchasing reports, ManagerPlusSE allows complete control of inventory tracking.

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