Pirelli joins stable of Steve Saleen's upgraded Mustangs

Jan. 1, 2020
Pirelli?s P Zero tires are equipping the 2011 SMS Mustang 302 line of cars being produced by customizer Steve Saleen.

Pirelli’s P Zero tires are equipping the 2011 SMS Mustang 302 line of cars being produced by customizer Steve Saleen.

“I founded SMS Supercars on three principles: Speed, Science and Style,” says Saleen. “We manufacture high-end lifestyle performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel, and Pirelli’s unique brand of performance, heritage and motorsport excellence matches well with our core strategies,” he notes.

“Finding the right ultra-high performance tire for SMS was essential, and Pirelli was able to deliver on our exacting standards every step of the way,” Saleen reports.

After the successful launch of his 2010 SMS 570 Challenger in the Spring of 2009, the 2011 SMS 302 Mustang represents the second in the trio of SMS American Supercars, the third of which will be an SMS 620 Camaro slated for introduction later this year.

To start, two SMS 302 versions will be offered: The 302 4V with a normally aspirated 5.0L engine, followed by the 302 SC using a patented 296 Supercharger.

Both models utilize five-spoke alloy wheels and P Zero ultra-high performance 275/35ZR 20 tires at the front and 275/40ZR 20s on the rear.

Saleen’s company “offers a very appealing package in its 302 Mustang lineup, and P Zero will lay down every bit of power and performance the car was designed to achieve,” says Tom Gravalos, Pirelli’s vice president of marketing, motorsports and original equipment.

The SMS models are the only upgraded Mustangs authorized to bear Saleen’s name.

“With the extensive design, development, manufacturing, certification and warranty coverage that we put into each vehicle, the government agencies all recognize SMS as the manufacturer of record for these cars,” Saleen says.

The 302 4V utilizes a new twin overhead cam 5.0L V8 engine with more than 440 horsepower and 400 foot-pounds of torque. The 302SC will pump out more than 535 hp and 450 ft-lbs through an SMS 296 Supercharger System with Asymmetric Multi-Lobe Screws, SMS Six-Pack Intercooler System and SMS Duo-Path Induction.

Transmission options for both are a six-speed automatic or a six-speed TR3650 manual.

For more information, visit www.smssupercars.com and www.us.pirelli.com.

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