CIC Proposes Change of “Class A Shop Requirements”

Jan. 2, 2013

Jan. 2, 2013—The Collision Industry Conference’s (CIC) Definitions Committee has proposed changes to its existing “Class A Shop Requirements.”

The CIC said several repairers voiced concerns about the “Class A Shop Requirements” document during its November 2012 meeting in Las Vegas, and claimed that it required a thorough revision. In response, the CIC has changed the title of the document to “Minimum Shop Requirements,” and has proposed a new set of minimum equipment, capabilities, training and certifications that repairers should meet.

The full proposal is available here.

The CIC’s Definitions Committee is still working on the revision of the document, and is seeking input from professionals in all segments of the repair industry. Anyone interested in providing input, suggestions or feedback can contact Chris Evans at [email protected], or Ron Guilliams at [email protected].