Audatex Adds Vehicle Brands to AudaVIN Network

Feb. 7, 2013

Feb. 7, 2013—Audatex North America Inc. recently added GM, Nissan, Infiniti and Jaguar Land Rover to the list of vehicle brands supported in the U.S. through its AudaVIN vehicle identification technology.

"With the addition of these industry-leading manufacturers, Audatex continues to build momentum with AudaVIN as we continue to give our insurance and collision repair partners a stronger competitive edge in the market, and all the technology tools they need to increase estimating accuracy, expedite claims settlements, and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction," said Wolfgang Ahrens, managing director of Audatex North America.

AudaVIN utilizes VIN data to give insurance claim representatives, appraisers and collision repair estimators complete vehicle-specific information, as recorded by manufacturers on the production line.

Audatex said the software is the only vehicle identification technology on the market to integrate this information into the estimating platform, providing more accurate collision damage estimates and efficient claims settlements.