PPG supports Ohio State University students in racing competition

Aug. 17, 2012

Aug. 17, 2012—PPG Automotive Refinish is sponsoring new efforts by students at the Ohio State University College of Engineering.

The students formed a team called the Formula Buckeyes, which is participating in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) racing challenges. The team is designing and fabricating a high-performance, formula-style racing car that competes nationally with other colleges and universities.

The students’ goal is to find ways to reduce the racer car’s weight. Using composite materials and new technologies, students get real-world experience in developing fuel efficiency standards in the automotive industry. The students’ work even caught the attention of President Barack Obama, who recently visited Ohio State University.

PPG supports the team by contributing products such as waterborne basecoat Envirobase High Performance, as well as its clear coat, Vibrance Collection. PPG technicians also help students by showing them how to apply the finishes.

"The SAE competition is intended to encourage students to take part in vehicle research and development," said Randy Cremeans, PPG’s marketing director. "The work these students are doing and how they overcome technological challenges definitely benefits the automotive industry. The students on the Formula Buckeyes racing team are highly regarded in the industry because of the problem-solving experience they gain. Every time we are there, we learn with them and are thrilled we can contribute to their success. Seeing the passion, leadership and commitment these students have for the automotive industry makes us feel confident they will deliver innovative ideas and technologies that help shape our future."