introduces e-Coupon program

June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012— launched an e-CouponWatcher program within its Estimate Scrubber portal,, that allows users to receive e-Coupons from parts suppliers.

Steven Siessman, president of, said the first OE parts supplier was recently added to the program. The supplier is providing e-Coupons for Chevrolet sheet metal, taillights, headlights and fascias. Siessman said negotiations are underway to get additional rental car, recycled parts and other parts suppliers added to the program.

“Since our introduction of two years ago, we have been steadfast in our vision of creating an IT infrastructure and communications network that collision repairers can use to leverage their collective purchasing power,” Siessman said. “We are excited to be able to increase the benefits of the portal to include parts e-Coupons.”

Siessman said all repairers have automatic access to the program when they use Repairers are able to use the e-Coupons one at a time during the estimate scrubbing process, or receive emails that contain links to all of the available incentives. The e-Coupons are designed for categories of parts rather than individual parts, and transactions are not disclosed to other third party organizations.

“We felt there was a desperate need for an alternative to part by part bidding or reverse auction systems. Incentives can take the form of cash-back rebates, which are like any other marketing or promotional expense, and compliments the traditional parts ordering process,” Siessman said. “As with estimate scrubbing, e-Coupon users are anonymous. We don't know what parts were ordered from which supplier, or if any parts were ordered at all, only that an e-Coupon was printed.”