GEICO Seeks Gag Order Against Gunder’s Auto Center

Feb. 19, 2013

Feb. 18. 2013—GEICO has joined State Farm in seeking a gag order against Ray Gunder of Gunder’s Auto Center based in Lakeland, Fla.

Gunder, who for years has been involved in legal battles with insurance companies, is suing the insurers on behalf of his customers for intentional short pays and other alleged misdoings.

According to Gunder, GEICO brought in additional legal counsel last week and sent notice to Gunder’s attorney, Bren Geohagan, that they would be seeking a delay/continuance for upcoming scheduled depositions. GEICO also requested the court to issue a gag order to stop Gunder from talking about the legal process.

Last month, State Farm filed a similar motion to stop Gunder from sharing information about various lawsuits he has filed on behalf of his customers, including deposition transcripts and hearing results.

"I’m not overly concerned," Gunder said. "I have excellent legal counsel, and I'm confident that Brent will do what he can to defend against the insurers' efforts to silence me. My only concern is not being able to show what goes on and how other repairers can be successful in properly and thoroughly serving their customers (and their employees) in receiving proper compensation."