TopTech Finder partners with Vale Training Solutions

April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012—TopTech Finder, an online service that connects body shops with paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians, has partnered with Vale Training Solutions to help repairers find high-quality, Vale-certified PDR technicians.

Jeff Herman, CEO of TopTech Finder, said Vale is the only organization that offers independent certification of PDR technicians’ expertise. Vale’s PDR Technician Certification program tests and evaluates technicians’ skills using sophisticated measurement tools and instructor evaluations. Participants demonstrate their competence by testing for one of three levels of certification: journeyman, craftsman or master craftsman.

Herman said the certification evaluations are structured as timed events, in which technicians complete repairs of various dent sizes depending on the level of certification they are seeking. Results are evaluated using surface measurement technology to a specified tolerance. Surface level variation, finish appearance and texture of repairs are electronically measured and visually evaluated.

Vale’s testing procedures for all three certification levels are endorsed by the National Association of PDR Technicians (NAPDRT), according to Herman. Vale-certified PDR technicians are now able to display the Vale logo on their online profiles within TopTech Finder.

“We recognize TopTech Finder’s commitment to helping repairers find the best techs in the industry,” said Jon McCreath president of Vale. “It only made sense for Vale-certified technicians to promote their hard-earned certifications on the website.”

“Shops can be overwhelmed by technicians at their door after a hail storm. Now they can take control of the situation and find their own Vale-certified techs via our website,” Herman said. “Shops can post their jobs for free to nearly 200 techs across the nation. Shops can also choose their facility fee, and impact a tech’s reputation through a simple five star review after the job. We are very happy to be partnering with [Vale] to offer this simple way for shops to find Vale-certified techs.”

Vale has served the North American insurance and collision repair industries for more than 60 years through classroom and online training courses, according to Herman. The organization has certified more than 250 PDR technicians since 2003. For more information about Vale’s PDR Technician Certification program, visit

For more information about TopTech Finder’s partnership with Vale, or to create an account on the website, visit

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