Gerber National Glass Services Announces Rebranding

Aug. 6, 2015

Aug. 6, 2015—The Boyd Group Inc. announced on Wednesday the official name change of Gerber National Glass Services to Gerber National Claims Services.

Glass America LLC, parent company to Gerber National Glass Services, acquired Netcost Claims Services (NCS) in June of 2014. Since then, the two companies have worked together to integrate operations and the combined entity is now known as Gerber National Claims Services.

"The change of our name to Gerber National Claim Services not only reflects the services that the combined businesses now offer but it also reflects the shared values and goals that the team has,” said Mark Flasch, general manager of GNCS. "Each predecessor company has a strong track record of ongoing commitment to providing quality, timely, cost effective services in a customer friendly environment to our automotive insurance and fleet management clients and to their customers."

"We are proud to have the Gerber National Claim Services business carry the Gerber name. This name change reflects the completion of integration of the two businesses into one as well as the beginning of a focused growth plan," said Eddie Cheskis, CEO of Glass America, LLC. "We are very excited about Gerber National Claim Services abilities to bring significant value to its clients and customers," he added.