Additional $10,000 Available in Grants for Green Score Training at NACE

July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015—The Green Service Standard (GS2) committee announced on Monday that an additional $10,000 in grant funding has been made available to auto service and repair shop owners for training employees how to verify and validate green scores and ratings.

During the 2015 NACE/CARS Expo & Conference, held July 21-25 in Detroit, prepaid vouchers will be distributed by participating exhibitors. The vouchers will be available during exhibit hours to qualified technicians, service writers, estimators, and representatives for ASE and I-CAR prerequisite courses and Green Service Consultant accreditation.

A list of participating companies, sponsors and their booth numbers will be available at booth No. 660.

“The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Natural Resources of Canada (NRCan) recently designated green scoring systems specifically designed for rating the energy consumption or energy efficiency of products including VEHICLES, appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and houses that have had an energy efficiency evaluation,” said GS2 committee member Steve Leal, Fix Auto Canada president. “While the idea of this kind of certification is not new, this is the first time it's gone beyond the mere talking stage.”

“Our committee serves the need for auto shop owners to keep up with technology since the Government unveiled the most dramatic overhaul of vehicle rating systems since they were introduced 35 years ago. The new green rating system now provides the public with additional information on vehicles’ fuel economy, energy use, fuel costs, and environmental impacts,” said GS2 committee member Joe Sevart, president of I-70 Auto Service.