Effective Delegation the Topic of Latest Conference Speaker

March 5, 2015

ST. PAUL, MINN., March 4, 2015—For a collision repair business to reach its full potential, it needs a leader focused on the big picture of running the shop—not one consumed with fire fighting and the day-to-day work of repairing vehicles. Owners looking to step away from the daily grind to concentrate on growing their operation will have an opportunity to learn how to do it at the FenderBender Management Conference in May.

Phil O’Connor, owner of POC Collision, a growing three-shop operation in Maine, will lead “Delegate With Confidence,” a session that will teach attendees how to evaluate employee abilities, assign tasks, set staff goals and objectives, and move into the leadership role that is vital for the success of their shops. O’Connor’s thriving $5 million network would never be where it is today without his commitment to the role of owner—his routine evaluation of performance, goal setting and pursuit of improvement.      

“O’Connor’s success is based on a true leadership mentality, a drive, and processes developed from years at the helm of an operation that has grown from one to three shops in less than a decade,” said FenderBender editor Jake Weyer. “Regardless of whether your shop is a single-location facility or an MSO, O’Connor’s lessons are replicable and will help you become a more effective leader.”  

With three decades of collision repair experience, O’Connor has been involved in nearly every aspect of the industry, from technician to general manager to insurance appraiser to consultant. He is a member of the FenderBender editorial advisory board and has served as president of the Axalta Business Council.  

The FenderBender Management Conference, scheduled from May 18–20 in Philadelphia, will include educational sessions, engaging workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities all aimed at helping shop owners and managers make money, save money and work smarter.

For more information and to take advantage of early bird registration rates to save up to $500, go to  fenderbenderconference.com.

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