How to Promote and Recognize Your Team

Oct. 1, 2017

To help your staff build pride in their work, consider creating a space in the shop that highlights every employee. This will serve as a daily reminder to your team of how much you appreciate their work.

SHOP: A1 Auto's CARSTAR Collision  LOCATION: Spring, Texas  OWNER/INNOVATOR: Don Ward  SIZE: 15,000 square feet  STAFF: 13  AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT:70-80  ANNUAL REVENUE: $2.5 million

What It Is:

A wall featuring employee photos.

The Inspiration:

Back in 2015, shop owner and innovator Don Ward was looking for a way to recognize his employees and let them know how much their work meant to him and his wife. 

He also wanted to create something that promoted employee retention and drew potential new hires to his shop. 

In September of that year, he designated a wall to the right of the front desk that he called the “Wall of Fame.”

What It Does:

As soon as customers walk into the shop, they see the Wall of Fame and they know who will be working on their vehicle. Additionally, the Wall of Fame gives Ward’s staff a sense of pride and recognition. 

“When employees are proud of themselves, they will do a better job and continue to work at the shop,” Ward says.  

The Wall of Fame also serves as a reminder to customers and employees of how long team member have been with the shop. This helps build A1 Auto’s CARSTAR Collision’s reputation as a reliable and stable workplace. 

How It’s Made:

The Wall of fame comes together with nice picture frames that catch the eye. A professional photographer took photos of each staff member. Eleven employee headshots, including titles and certifications, line the Wall of Fame, including a picture of Ward and his wife.  

The Cost:

The photo frames are $30-40 each. The professional photographer that Ward hired charges $65 for each canvas-mounted photo. In total, Ward spent approximately $1,045 on the photographer and frames.

The ROI:

Ward describes the real return as an increase in morale and the fact that he can share his shop’s talent with his customers. 

Although there is no quantifiable gain from the Wall of Fame, he believes that taking pride in his team and them taking pride in their work makes for better repair jobs and a better relationship with customers. 

Ward hasn’t received any complaints about his team.