Toyota Announces Fleetwide Low-Cost Automated Driver Assist Systems

April 8, 2015

April 7, 2015—Toyota recently announced that it will roll out low-cost advanced safety packages to nearly all Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

The Toyota Safety Sense C and Lexus Safety System+ options will feature pre-collision automatic braking and lane departure alerts.

The systems will cost between $300–$635.

“Taking high-level driver assist to the next level, the safety packages will be offered as a very-low-cost option and will be systematically introduced across nearly all U.S. Toyota and Lexus models and trim levels, top-to-bottom, by the end of 2017,” said Jim Lentz, president and CEO Toyota Motor North America. “Pushing these systems across our lineup, as quickly as possible, can help protect people in the event of a crash. More importantly it will help prevent some crashes from ever happening in the first place.”

Toyota Safety Sense and Lexus Safety System+ are designed to support the driver’s awareness, decision making and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds. Packaged together in an integrated system, their features help address three key areas of accident protection: preventing or mitigating rear collisions, keeping drivers within their lane, and enhancing road safety during night time driving. The systems are intended to address commonly occurring crash types according to traffic accident statistical analysis.

The systems features three active safety technologies, and combine a camera and laser radar to detect objects ahead of the vehicle.

Toyota said that the systems will be available fleetwide by 2017.