Amid disruption, CCC Crash Course 2022 trends report reveals accelerated Innovation in P&C insurance economy

March 17, 2022
Labor shortages, supply chain challenges, climate change, and COVID uncertainty reshaping insurance economy trends, as showcased in 27th annual edition of industry’s preeminent report
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CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. (CCC), a leading SaaS platform for the P&C insurance economy, announces today it has released CCC Crash Course 2022, a data-driven report covering the business, consumer, and technology trends shaping the automotive, claims, repair and collision industries. The report offers insights on today’s economic, social and technology trends impacting and reshaping the P&C insurance economy, including shifts in driving behavior, advances in vehicle technology and the record pace of growth in digitization across the insurance economy. 

CCC Crash Course 2022 marks the 27th year for the industry-leading report, which this year explores the future of digital journeys in the wake of disruption: supply versus demand, labor shortages, inflation, increasing vehicle technology and more complex repairs. The extensive report draws insights based on decades of experience from solutions offered by CCC and its affiliates, Including 260-million claims-related transactions, 50-billion miles of driving data, and millions of auto bodily injury and personal injury protection (PIP) /medical payments (MedPay) casualty claims.

“After tracking key trends for so many years, we can confidently say the P&C insurance and automotive industry landscape has been forever changed,” said Susanna Gotsch, senior director and industry analyst for CCC. “The disruption experienced over the last two years has accelerated the pace of innovation driven by everything from supply chain and labor to climate change. There is more urgency than ever for the industry to adapt and evolve with an increased focus on the advancement of digital technologies, user experiences, and connected networks foundational to change and growth.”

Gotsch continued, “Today’s customer expects a business to provide an always-on user experience. This, coupled with managing growing complexities, presents both challenges and opportunities for the P&C economy.”

Key topics covered in Crash Course 2022 include:

  • Supply versus demand imbalances and the impact on U.S. inflation.
  • Labor shortages and the role its playing in driving up wages and altering experiences across nearly all industries.
  • The operational future of automakers, insurers, repairers, and other providers. 
  • The role of vehicle technology (ADAS, EVs) and complexity in increasing repair costs.
  • Technologies such as AI, mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things, and their role in user experiences. 
  • Changes in driving behaviors and the impact to frequency and severity of auto accidents and auto casualty claims. 

In addition to macro trends and topics, CCC Crash Course 2022 also includes industry-level detail on claims frequency and severity, parts costs and utilization, total loss trends and more.

Download the full report here:

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