'Insurer Report Card' survey of collision repairers places just 32 auto insurers on 'Honor Roll'

Feb. 17, 2022
None of the Top 10 largest and perhaps best-known auto insurers, including State Farm, Geico, Progressive and Allstate, received an overall grade higher than a “C+”
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Among more than 90 auto insurance companies graded by collision repairers in terms of how well they work to ensure quality repairs and customer service, only 32 received a “B” or higher to be named to the “Honor Roll” in the 2022 CRASH Network “Insurer Report Card.”            

None of the Top 10 largest and perhaps best-known auto insurers, including State Farm, Geico, Progressive and Allstate, received an overall grade higher than a “C+”.

Collision repairers were asked to evaluate how well each insurer’s “policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists.” North Carolina Farm Bureau (“A+”) and Chubb (“A-”) finished with the top grades among all insurers, just as they did in 2020 and 2021. While many of highest-graded insurers – including Erie Insurance (B+”), Acuity Insurance (“B+”) and Southern Farm Bureau (“B+”) – do not sell policies in all 50 states, consumers are likely to find one or more of the “Honor Roll” insurers offering coverage where they live.

More than 1,100 individual body shop owners and managers around the country each graded as many as 40 different insurance companies in their state.

“Their perspective is unique given that most drivers go for years – a decade, on average – without interacting with their insurance company’s claims department, but collision repairers do so every day,” CRASH Network’s John Yoswick said. “That gives them a front-row seat as to which companies do the best job taking care of policyholders – and which ones have some room for improvement. That’s why we see the ‘Insurer Report Card’ providing helpful information for consumers as they consider which insurer to choose.”

Shops participating in the “Insurer Report Card” said the highest-graded insurers place an emphasis on "repairing vehicles properly," "following the auto manufacturers’ guidelines," and "putting the best interests of their customers first."

They criticized the insurers to which they gave lower grades using such phrases such as, "cares more about costs than the quality of the repair," "pressures us to use cheap, low-quality parts," "slow claims processes," and "inexperienced adjusters."

The list of highest-graded insurers in 2022 was remarkably consistent with last year’s findings; among the 15 highest-graded insurers in this year’s “Insurance Report Card,” 11 were in the Top 15 last year as well.

 A free report with the 2022 “Insurer Report Card” findings can be downloaded at https://www.crashnetwork.com/irc.

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