I-CAR introduces New Vehicle Technology and Trends 2023 course

Dec. 21, 2022
Online course prepares industry for what’s ahead as robust technology advances continue to influence vehicle repairs, materials
Concept vehicle shown at 2022 Chicago Auto Show
Concept vehicle shown at 2022 Chicago Auto Show
I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, has opened enrollment of its new Vehicle Technology and Trends 2023 course.
Led by I-CAR’s team of technical experts, the one-hour online course looks ahead at the scale and scope of today’s technology-driven era of repairs, including the impact of current and emerging Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features.
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2023 also previews some of the advanced materials and technologies of 2023 vehicles, including redesigned models and retired models that have been brought back to life. The course, which is ideal for anyone/any role within the collision repair industry, also provides a glimpse of 2024 vehicles and the anticipated trajectory of automotive technology and related repair considerations. The course is included as part of the unlimited live, online and virtual courses available with the I-CAR subscription training program and does not have any prerequisites. Collision repair professionals who do not participate in the subscription program currently may purchase the course at an affordable price via I-CAR’s website.
“With automakers (OEMs) introducing more than 100 vehicle changes each model year, the speed with which new technologies are introduced into vehicle applications is unprecedent-ed,” explained Nick Notte, I-CAR Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “As the collision repair ecosystem continues to be redefined, this course is another intentionally-designed resource to help collision repair professionals prepare for the road ahead.”

The course is part of I-CAR’s Vehicle and Technology Specific Training portfolio of courses and reflects wide-ranging input and collaboration with OEMs in particular. Designed to help collision repair professionals obtain the required knowledge to safely and accurately repair vehicles equipped with ADAS, I-CAR’s Vehicle Technology and Trend’s course continues to be a perennial favorite given its relevance to any role in the collision repair inter- industry. All Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses may be applied towards annual training credit for collision repair professionals who complete ProLevel® 3 and achieve Platinum recognition in a role or for those maintaining training as non-role representatives, ensuring relevance and continued engagement with changes that impact a complete, safe and quality collision repair.
For a full list of I-CAR’s VTST portfolio, please visit I-CAR’s course catalog.

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