Diagnostic Network launches new 'Module Swap' system

March 7, 2023
The new Module Swap system enables members to share knowledge about whether a used module can be installed and what methods, tools, and software are needed to do it.
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Diagnostic Network, the leading online community for automotive repair professionals, has announced the launch of its new Module Swap system, a feature that allows members to post messages that aim to solve challenges with used programmable electronic control modules on vehicles.

The new Module Swap system is a game-changing addition to the platform, enabling members to share knowledge about whether a used module can be installed and what methods, tools, and software are needed to do it. This feature allows members to surface information not widely known and providing them with valuable information and solutions to uncommon automotive problems. 

Furthermore, the Resource type, a popular feature on the platform, has been improved to increase its functionality and usefulness for members. The improvements include added features and a simplified user interface, making it easier for members to access the information they need. 

According to Scott Brown, founder of Diagnostic Network, “We are excited to release this new Module Swap system to our community of automotive professionals. This new feature will help by providing solutions for an increasing pain-point members have been surfacing for years due to electronic parts scarcity. The new system will result in a module swap database that will help our members for years to come, by allowing members to search the system to see if a used module can be successfully installed in a vehicle. This problem is huge because many of these modules are no longer available, and a used unit may be the only pathway to prevent a vehicle from being scrapped.” 

Diagnostic Network is committed to providing a dynamic and engaging platform for automotive professionals to connect and share their knowledge and expertise. With the new Module Swap system and improved Resource type, the platform will continue to be the go-to destination for industry professionals seeking to stay up to date on the latest automotive technology and connect with their peers. 

For more information about the new Module Swap system and Diagnostic Network, please visit https://diag.net.

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