ASE Education Foundation announces course topics for upcoming Instructor Training Conference

April 27, 2023
The ASE Instructor Training Conference will feature speakers from leading transportation industry organizations.
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The upcoming ASE Instructor Training Conference will feature speakers from leading transportation industry organizations. Hosted by the ASE Education Foundation, the premier training event will be held July 17-20 in Concord, North Carolina, and will be attended by high school and college instructors from auto, truck and collision repair programs nationwide.

“Each year, some of the industry’s best share their knowledge and experience at the ASE Instructor Training Conference, and this year will be no different,” said Mike Coley, president of the ASE Education Foundation. “This year’s speakers will address a variety of relevant technical subjects and teaching techniques to help the instructors be more effective in the classroom.”

The 2023 ASE Instructor Training Conference will feature the following speakers and course topics:

Steve Smith of Pro-Cut International will discuss “The Importance of Rotor Matching, Relating to Today’s Students & EV’s Brakes and the Metaverse” where he will take a different look at communicating how brake service is changing and the importance of explaining how these changes are affecting the end result of today’s brake service on all vehicles.

Paul Cigala, a 32-year veteran of Exxon Mobil and vehicle lubricant applications engineer supporting large fleet customers will present “Heavy Duty Lubricants, Fuels and Coolant Training” where conference attendees will learn about heavy duty lubricants, used oil analysis, fuels and coolants used by diesel technicians in the on-highway fleet sector.

James Wilson of ATech Training will review “Diagnosing by the Numbers: DVOM Application with the Modern Automobile.” An ASE Master certified technician, Wilson has over 40 years or experience as a dealership and fleet technician, shop owner and trade school instructor. He will answer why there are other buttons on a digital multi meter (DDM) and discuss taking meter usage training to the next level and advanced DDM features.

Brandon Steckler of Motor Age Training will discuss “A Logical Approach to Diagnostic Dilemmas.” This course capitalizes on the technician’s ability to incorporate basic testing techniques with modern diagnostic tooling and combine it with available service information to solve difficult dilemmas. 

Mandy Green of Goodheart-Wilcox has worked as a teacher and school counselor with a focus on career and technical education and instructional technology. Green will examine “Five Strategies to Unlock the Power of Discussion.” Because class discussions are used primarily as a tactic to raise student engagement, class discussions can also be a rich source of data that allow teachers to understand the thinking of their students in the classroom or in the auto shop.

Sean Lannoo of Continental leads a team of 11 training specialists who provide technical support and training to customer sales personnel and professional technicians throughout the United State and Canada. He will present on a course entitled “TPMS—Technology, Diagnosing and the Future” which will focus on what TPMS is, the system types and how they operate.

Mark Lake of Summit Racing will present “Gen III Hemi Engine Swaps” which will help guide automotive enthusiasts through their build and discuss what parts are needed to do an engine swap.        

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