AirPro Diagnostics to integrate with CCC Diagnostics

Aug. 8, 2022
CCC Diagnostics users will soon be able to automatically capture and document AirPro scan and calibration information in their CCC ONE workfiles.
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AirPro Diagnostics (AirPro) will become the newest member of CCC Intelligent Solutions' CCC Diagnostics network. Through an integration with AirPro, collision repair users of CCC Diagnostics will soon be able to capture and document AirPro scan and calibration information in their CCC ONE workfiles. The streamlined service with AirPro is expected to be available via CCC ONE in September.
“CCC and AirPro share a commitment to making diagnostic information available to repairers as easily and seamlessly as possible,” said Eric Newell, executive vice president of AirPro Diagnostics. “As vehicles get more complex by make, proper diagnostic scans and ADAS safety system calibrations are essential steps in the repair process. This connection with CCC will make the scan and calibration reports more accessible to shops, providing the critical information that is needed for a complete and safe repair.”
The integration does not require a physical connection between the AirPro device and CCC ONE, according to CCC. Information is uploaded automatically, and the scan report is automatically attached to the vehicle's CCC ONE workfile.
To activate, repair facilities using CCC Diagnostics select their preferred diagnostic provider(s) from those available through CCC’s network and providers send scan data directly to the CCC ONE workfile. For repair facilities using CCC Repair Workflow, CCC Diagnostics will digitally capture invoices from scanning and calibration requests.
“The proliferation of advanced technology in today’s vehicles has increased repair complexity and the need for scanning, diagnostics and calibrations in the repair process,” said Mark Fincher, vice president, automotive services group, CCC. “It’s important for our clients that we continue to add providers to our network so they have options when it comes to scanning and calibrations. Working with integrated providers like AirPro makes it easier to access, capture, and document information needed to perform complete repairs.”
CCC Diagnostics enables CCC repair facility customers to view the results of pre-repair, in-process, and post-repair diagnostic scans from their selected solution provider(s) directly in CCC ONE, significantly improving the efficiency and transparency of collision repair scanning. Repairers using the solution can share the results of vehicle scans with consumers to explain the necessary repairs, as well as with insurers using CCC ONE, providing a verifiable record of the scan completed by the repairer. The CCC Diagnostics interface is available to OEM scan tool providers, aftermarket providers, and telematics-based diagnostics solutions.

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