Chicagoland CARSTAR Recognizes Veterans and Military Member during Military Appreciation Month

June 11, 2024
CARSTAR Chicagoland business group partnered with a veteran-owned local restaurant on a unique tribute.

CARSTAR, with locations across Chicago, honors those in the community who have served the country and made the ultimate sacrifice during May Military Appreciation Month, according to a news release.

During Memorial Day weekend, the CARSTAR Chicagoland business group partnered with veteran-owned local restaurant Rosie’s Home Cookin’ on a unique tribute.

The CARSTAR team, which includes veterans such as Lou Scola (U.S. Navy), owner of CARSTAR Scola’s, distributed 100 36" American flags to the restaurant’s patrons along with copies of the "I AM YOUR SOLDIER" poem, "A LETTER HOME FROM VIETNAM," and copies of the CARSTAR CORNER Newsletter. They also raffled off 10 $25 gift certificates for the restaurant.

“Many of our Chicagoland owners and team members served in the military and want to give back to other veterans during Military Appreciation Month and throughout the year,” said Lou Scola on behalf of the CARSTAR Chicagoland business group. “Sharing this tribute to veterans and all who served during the Memorial Day Weekend allowed us to support a veteran-owned business and encourage their patrons to honor this solemn holiday.”

Rosie's Home Cookin’s owner, Lynn Lower, spent 15 years in the Marines and served in special ops in Vietnam.  His restaurant is modeled after a 1950s-1960s diner and named after "Rosie the Riveter" from World War II.

Longtime Patron Mary Holzer explained, "It's like going into a time machine when you walk into the restaurant.  It was a much simpler time back then. And the food is fantastic.  We come at least twice a week."

Like many of the CARSTAR owners, Lower is a hands-on owner. He also surrounds himself with a great staff, starting with Terese Aquino, manager, who makes everyone feel like family.  To watch the very spry seventy-eight-year-old move around the restaurant is amazing. He welcomes and seats the customers when he can along with helping the servers bring the meals out.  There is no doubt that Lower can and would jump in the kitchen and whip up a full breakfast if necessary.

Many of the customers came out to the CARSTAR table and shared their stories about their friends and relatives who were and still are veterans. Their stories were heart-warming and emotional.  They thanked all of the CARSTAR owners for supporting and remembering veterans and going beyond the call of duty.

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