The Role of Automatic Crash Notification Systems in Modern Vehicles

June 11, 2024
Check out the car brands that offer a free ACN system in their newer models.

In the unfortunate event of a car crash, automatic crash notification (ACN) systems can be a lifesaver, as reported by Car ADAS in a recent article. Part of the larger umbrella of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), these systems automatically detect when a crash occurs and send an alert to emergency responders, providing them with crucial information about the location and severity of the accident.

ACN systems use a combination of sensors and communication technologies to detect and report crashes. They monitor the vehicle’s movements, analyze the data to determine if a crash has occurred, and establish a connection with a call center. If the occupants in the car cannot respond, the call center operator will contact emergency services.

The main purpose of ACN systems is to reduce the response time of emergency services in case of a crash. By automatically detecting and reporting crashes, ACN systems eliminate the need for someone at the scene to call for help. This can save precious minutes that can make a difference in saving lives.

As of 2024, according to a CAR ADAS, these are the car brands that offer a free ACN system in their newer models:

  • Acura – AcuraLink Assist
  • Audi – Connect CARE
  • BMW – ConnectedDrive
  • Ford/Lincoln – 911 Assist
  • Genesis – Connected Services
  • Honda – HondaLink Assist
  • Hyundai – Bluelink+
  • Jaguar/Land Rover – InControl Protect SOS Emergency Services
  • Mazda – Automatic 911 Dialing
  • Polestar – Connect
  • Porsche – Connect Care
  • Tesla – Vehicle Update
  • Volvo – OnCall

Here are some brands that offer ACN systems with a free trial period:

  • OnStar (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC): The OnStar One Essentials plan offers an 8-year free trial.
  • Jeep Connect: This service provides a 10-year free trial.
  • Kia UVO/Kia Connect: Comes with a 5-year free trial, then $5.99 a month or $59 a year for the Care subscription tier.
  • Lexus Enform Safety Connect: Includes a 10-year free trial for most models, then $8 a month or $80 a year.
  • Mercedes Me Connect: Offers a 10-year free trial for automatic crash notification and SOS button.
  • Ram Connect: Provides a 10-year free trial, then $14.99 monthly.
  • Toyota Safety Connect: Includes a 10-year free trial with stolen vehicle locator and roadside assistance on select models.
  • Volkswagen Car-Net: Offers a 5-year free trial, then $159 yearly, including vehicle status and roadside assistance.

Other brands offer ACN systems with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. For a full breakdown of different car manufacturers and their offerings, check out this article from Consumer Reports.

The increasing prevalence of ACN systems and ADAS in modern vehicles has led to a growing need for reliable calibration centers. Car ADAS offers a solution to start your own ADAS calibration center, providing training, equipment, and support. This trend towards safety and assistance systems in vehicles not only improves road safety but also opens up new business opportunities in the automotive industry.

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