DataTouch Releases Data Pump Manager for Secure Estimates

April 12, 2024
The managing director says it’s well-known within the industry that some companies repurpose copied estimate information.

DataTouch announced the commercial release of the “Data Pump Manager,” a new technology that provides control over software data pumps that have been installed on shop computer systems, according to a news release.

Data Pump Manager is designed to share only the correct estimate and needed repair information to conduct business with each service provider.

DataTouch provides enhanced intelligent data management software solutions to collision repairers. Pete Tagliapietra, managing director of DataTouch, said the company continues to design data security software that allows shops to have complete control over estimates, personally identifiable information (PII) and repair information.

“Installed data pumps on a shop computer system do not exert control to copy only the estimate that is relevant to the transaction,” said Tagliapietra. “Each installed data pump typically takes a copy of every estimate that is created by the shop, using the estimating system software.”

Tagliapietra said it is well-recognized within the collision repair industry that some companies repurpose the copied estimate information, compile it and sell it for profit to the detriment of shops, insurance companies and their mutual customers.

“The owner of the data must have the choice whether or not to opt out with repair estimates being shared,” he said.

Tagliapietra explained that the Data Pump Manager, like the other software security tools offered by DataTouch, successfully interacts with all three estimating systems. Furthermore, it does not disrupt the collision shop’s current workflow.

DataTouch, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to the collision repair industry, was established in 2022 to assist collision repair shops securely manage and control customers’ PII and protect estimate repair information from being misappropriated (sold) by third-party companies in the collision repair industry. In addition to Data Pump Manager, DataTouch offers Data Analyzer, Data Auditor and VINAnonymize.

Data Analyzer helps collision repairers identify who has data pumps running on their facility’s computers. Data Auditor helps identify what information and how often it is being swept from shop computer systems. VINAnonymize protects the customer vehicle information from showing up on vehicle history reporting services such as Carfax and AutoCheck.

“DataTouch supports standardization and CIECA Standards; however, we want to ensure transactions are secure and third parties don’t proliferate PII,” he said. “DataTouch software tools put a security blanket around EMS and BMS.”

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