Car ADAS Solutions Announces Partnership with TechForce Foundation

Feb. 5, 2024
Car ADAS Solutions donated $1,500 to Techforce Foundation to become a TechForce Champion.

Car ADAS Solutions announced its partnership with TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit committed to the career exploration and workforce development of professional technicians in all sectors, including automotive, collision, and much more.

As part of its partnership, Car ADAS Solutions donated $1,500 to the foundation to become a TechForce Champion, a small business that supports the foundation’s mission of helping students get educated and find careers as professional technicians.

The technician shortage is not going to be overcome by one solution,” said Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions. “Providing innovative solutions to attracting new people into the automotive sector should be applauded. It’s just fantastic.

Peeters said they are finding the ADAS calibration industry is attracting a new segment of people who wouldn’t have otherwise been interested in automotive work.

Car ADAS is a wonderful example of a business donating to support our cause,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation. “They invited us to speak at their annual conference, helping us spread the word about our existence while also donating video footage and imagery that enables us to tell the story of the advancing technology in cars today.

TechForce helps students from more than 900 schools nationwide find a technical education and career.

Car ADAS is a training and consulting firm specializing in the certification, implementation, and support of start-up ADAS calibration centers. Car ADAS offers an end-to-end implementation process for those interested in adding a calibration facility to an existing business or opening a standalone calibration facility. The company’s mission is to ensure vehicle safety systems perform as engineered.