Ziebart Starts 2024 by Expanding to Three New Markets

Jan. 24, 2024
Ziebart will expand its services in Washington, Florida, and Arizona.
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Ziebart, one of the largest providers of automotive appearance and protection services, has announced three new deals to expand its services to new markets across the country, according to a news release.

The company will soon be assisting vehicle owners in Washington, Pennsylvania; Ruskin, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona.

The Washington, Pennsylvania location is being opened by the entrepreneurial brother duo, Nick and Mark Lambie, who have previously opened a Ziebart location in their hometown of Morgantown, WV. Nick Lambie, a former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, first opened the Morgantown store with his brother in 2019. Following their success at home, the two are expanding their services an hour north on I-79 to Washington to service an entirely new market’s worth of vehicles with their expertise.

“The average household in Washington has two cars, which is above the national average, and we know people want to take care of them the right way, so we’re here to help,” said Nick Lambie. “My brother and I are thrilled to expand our family business into a new community that will benefit from the trusted services we provide.”

In Ruskin, Florida, Ziebart’s new shop marks a milestone as the brand breaks into the Tampa market for the first time. Set to introduce Ziebart’s services to the Ruskin community are local entrepreneurs and couple, Raymond and Wysteria Austin. Wysteria is a nurse and Raymond is a veteran in the automotive industry, having spent time with GMC before deciding to own a business together to help care for vehicles in their community.

The Phoenix location will also mark the first Ziebart store in the metropolitan area. At the helm of the deal is the franchising group, DEF Protect Corp., who aim to protect vehicles from the harsh sun and desert wind that puts vehicles at risk for shorter lifespans in Arizona.

“As demand for automotive aftercare services continues to skyrocket, Ziebart will continue to award agreements to those looking to add our 65-year-old expertise to enliven the vehicles in these distinct communities,” Thomas A. Wolfe, President and CEO of Ziebart International Corporation, said. “We’re thrilled to continue to bring more communities complete vehicle protection solutions from coast to coast and beyond.”

For more information on Ziebart’s franchising opportunities, visit ziebart.com/franchise-opportunities.

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