Fisker Provides Update on Improved Staffing and Services

Dec. 21, 2023
Fisker now has 35 shops in its repair network with plans to increase it to more than 80 in North America.

This week, Fisker Inc., an EV maker, provided an extensive update on the company’s rapidly expanding service capabilities in the U.S. and Canada.

In both countries, Fisker currently employs nearly 100 service technicians, more than 30 of whom are mobile technicians assisting customers in 20 states and two Canadian provinces.

To accommodate customers who require collision repair, Fisker now has 35 shops in its repair network, located in 10 states and three Canadian provinces. Five new shops are being added this week, and Fisker plans to increase the U.S. total by 80 shops across the country.

Nationwide, Fisker has increased recruitment of technicians and plans to hire more technicians in the coming months. Fisker has also undertaken a service surge to send mobile technicians to customers at their convenience.

According to the news release, Fisker stated that it is also reaching out to customers to understand any hardware needs and ensure it is supporting both in-warranty and outside-warranty requests.

To enhance its overall capabilities, Fisker has brought onboard a service partner that will assist with PDI and related services at Fisker facilities. In combination with the in-field technicians, this will expand Fisker’s ability to provide service to customer vehicles with faster response times.

Fisker has also improved its service process by streamlining internal systems and establishing more stringent metrics for responding to customers in a timely manner. The calling staff is in the process of reaching out to every U.S. customer who owns an Ocean to assess their needs.

Fisker released Version 1.10 of its Fisker Ocean vehicle software in November, rolling out the over-the-air (OTA) update in waves; 80% of Fisker vehicles have this update and customers have reported an enhanced and improved experience. Version 1.11 of the Ocean software is now also being released, with 300 customers per day receiving updates and all customer vehicles expected to be updated by the end of January 2024. Fisker has also reached out to customers who have older versions of the software to upgrade them to the latest release and to make a strong start to the new year, complete with Version 1.11 and its new features.

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